Swim Levels

Let’s get into the swim of things!

It’s never too early to spread your fins and learn to swim. From blowing bubbles to butterfly kicks, Wisconsin Swim Academy has developed an expertly-crafted, yet simple chart to help us find the best class to build our kiddos trust, confidence and swim skills. Let’s dive in and see what cool school fits your swimmer best!

Swim Skills

We’d like to see each swimmer confidently achieve each skill to move onto the next level.

Jellyfish 1

LEVEL 1: Keep blowing those bubbles… you’re almost there!

  • Submerges head/face underwater comfortably wearing goggles
  • Blows bubbles comfortably for 5 sec
  • Kicking assisted with noodle for 10 ft
  • Reaching arms and kicking for 10 ft assisted
  • Reaching arms and kicks when prompted
  • Back glide assisted with 2 hands holding ears in the water
  • Elementary backstroke arms with assistance
  • Slides or jumps in with a 1 or 2 hand hold assist to the wall

Jellyfish 2

LEVEL 2: You’re ready to jump in on your own!

  • Comfortable blowing bubbles with full face in water for 5 sec
  • Swim 5 ft independently to and from step
  • Kicking with the noodle in front of face for 5 sec, only assist with breath
  • Reaching-kicking-bubbles with face in water for 5 sec, partial assist
  • Back glide, ears in water, 1 hand hold
  • Elementary backstroke ears in water, 1 hand hold
  • Jumps in independently with assist to wall • Treading with noodle for 10 seconds
  • Back float for 5-10 seconds


LEVEL 3: You’re doing it… with no helping hands!

  • Do Pizza arms and swims off the step only assist with breath
  • 4 strokes only assist with breath
  • Can swim 10 ft independently
  • Roll over fully independent
  • Back glide mostly independent
  • Elementary backstroke mostly independent
  • Jumps in and swims to the wall independently
  • Tread water comfortably for 15 sec
  • Mature enough to sit on


LEVEL 4: You’re getting pretty good at this swimming thing.

  • Front glide 25 ft independently
  • 4 Strokes, 25 feet independently
  • Proficient with breath-rolling to the side
  • Elementary backstroke arms and legs independent
  • Back glide streamline 5-10 ft independent
  • Backstroke arms with some assistance
  • Treading water 30 sec without goggles
  • Breaststroke kick 15 feet with assistance
  • Front glide 25 ft, no goggles
  • Swims comfortably without goggles
  • Breaststroke 15 ft with a little help
  • Front glide 25 ft with no goggles

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You’re now swimming like a PRO!


LEVEL 5: Keep going… you’re making waves.

  • Front glide, 4 strokes 2 lengths of the pool independent
  • Backstroke 1 length of the pool independent
  • Breaststroke arms and legs 1 length proficient
  • Treading water 1 minute
  • 25 Dolphin kick independently

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