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General Enrollment Questions

Continuous enrollment means that once you have enrolled at Wisconsin Swim Academy we place your kiddos in that class until you opt to stop lessons. We feel kids learn best when taught consistently; continuous enrollment allows us to provide that year-round. It also provides flexibility if your schedule were to change, your kiddo moves up a level, or you need to take a month off once in a while. We know life happens.

No need to re-enroll, just contact us and we will make the switch!

Yes! We have a summer schedule and a school year schedule to ensure your swimmers can just keep swimming even after school! Enrollment for each schedule will be announced in advance via email and push notification to our app, and important dates will be posted on our social media too. If ever you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Absolutely. We offer priority enrollment through our app for any family that is active in our system and currently enrolled with us. You will get your first pick of the date and time of your choosing for the upcoming Summer or School Year Session. We appreciate your loyalty and trust.

We offer continual skill testing focusing on a skill each week. Once the instructor thinks they will pass all their skills, the deck manager will test them.

No worries! We offer Summer Swim Camps that span just one week and provide 5 swimming lessons. While this does not provide the same consistency and progression a regular swim class would, it will give your swimmer the boost they need to ensure there is no summer slide going into the school year session. 

Enrolling in a Swim Camp or our Day Camps will also make you eligible for priority enrollment for the upcoming school year session. We do not want to see you lose out on your investment and our kiddos’ hard work due to a busy schedule. We’ve got options.

Yes! We are happy to extend a discount for every child past your first enrollment. This means that each of your additional children’s lessons per month will be one dollar less than our normal group lesson price.

No, we also offer semi-private classes with a student-to-instructor ratio of 2:1 for an
adjusted price. This offering will provide your kiddo with even more personalized lesson time that will allow them to flourish in the water. There are limited spots, however, so contact us to secure a spot. We also offer Parent/Child classes with a student-to-instructor ratio of 6:1.

Our prices can change from year to year and we want to be sure you get all the right information. Call us at (920) 427-8286 and we can let you know!

Group, Semi-Private & Private Lesson Questions

Our private lessons are reserved for our students with disabilities to provide adequate attention and ensure we are meeting everyone’s needs. Our semi-private class offers a 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio, providing more of a personalized lesson to meet your student’s needs. Our group lesson is a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio, allowing students to grow and learn through their instructor and peers.

We understand each child has a unique list of needs that require attention; we are happy to learn and adapt to whatever that may be. We offer trial lessons for families who need help determining which type of lesson best fits their child’s needs.

From Jellyfish to Shark, our levels are building blocks for the ultimate goal; to be a safe and skilled swimmer! Our classes are categorized by age and ability, so we can ensure your swimmer is swimming along with peers working on the same skills. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we can help get you into the correct level with just a few quick questions!

Jellyfish are at the beginner levels, focusing on balance, buoyance, and breath control. As they move onto Clownfish, they begin to stack onto their skills with the introduction of strokes like their front crawl and elementary backstroke. Clownfish move to the Guppy level when they are ready to push their independence in the water. They’re focusing on learning different techniques along with swimming longer distances. Lastly, our Shark students are independent and nearly finished with our ‘learn to swim’ program. This level focuses on perfecting those upper-level strokes, building endurance, and preparing the students to move on to Jr. STR (Swim Team Ready) and STR.

All of our skills are listed on our website for each level. If you’re not sure just call us at (920) 427-8286 and we can set up a free trial lesson to make sure we have them in just the right spot!

Swim Team Readiness Program Questions

  • In Junior STR, the focus is for our advanced swimmers to work on perfecting breaststroke, learning their butterfly, sit and kneel dives, flip turns, and pushing their endurance while they adjust to swim team terminology. These classes are 30 minutes long with 3 students and 1 instructor, with the instructor being both in and out of the water depending on the lesson plan and individual students.
    The child will need to pass all their shark skills and need to a do a trial lesson over at Lawrence in JR STR before they are moved to the JR STR class to make sure that they are ready and have the endurance that they need to be in that class.
  • In STR, the focus is further perfecting technique, learning standing dives and crossover turns, learning their start block dive, and being able to use all these skills in IM sets to stimulate competitive swimming. These classes are 45 minutes long, with 4 students for 1 instructor. The instructor will be out of the water for the majority of classes to help emulate a swim team environment and coaching atmosphere.

If your student is enjoying learning upper-level skills and wants to continue pushing their endurance, then our Swim Team Readiness program may be for them, even if they’re unsure of their interest in competitive swimming. We are partnered with the Wave Swim Team, but it is not required for students to join the swim team after graduating from our program. Many students enjoy learning their advanced turns and dives, and the push that the program gives them is a great way for students to continue to advance their skills past the Learn to Swim program.

  • To be ready for Junior STR, your student must be able to: tread for 1 minute, be proficient in breaststroke, independent in their dolphin kick, and able to swim 2 lengths of the pool for backstroke, back streamline 4 strokes, and front glide.
  • To be ready for STR, your student must meet the Junior STR skills, and be able to: perform a sit and kneel dive, perform open and flip turns, and be able to swim 100 yards of breaststroke and butterfly
  • For Junior STR, the minimum age is 6.5 years old.
  • For STR, the minimum age is 8 years old. If students meet the skill requirements but not the minimum age, a trial lesson can be done to ensure they’re ready for the class.

Our instructors are frequently assessing where your student and what skills they need to attain to move up.

  • For Junior STR, the instructor will let parents know when their child is ready for STR and you will be able to contact the front desk to make the change in classes.
  • For STR, the instructor will let parents know when their child has learned all the advanced skills and perfected their techniques, and the parents can decide if they’d like to end enrollment or stay in the class until the next Swim Team Trial. Because Swim Team Trials are limited throughout the year; it is recommended that in-between trials, parents keep their student in, even if all skills have been learned, to continue practicing and maintain endurance until the next upcoming trial. Instructors will notify families when trials are happening for the Wave Swim Team and let parents know if their child is ready to try out.
  • Address: Buchanan Kiewit Wellness Center – Lawrence University, 525 East College Avenue, Appleton, WI 54911
  • Parking: There is a parking lot off College Avenue and Alton Street; the entrance to this driveway is located off College Avenue only. Look for “Alice G Chapman Hall” signage. After parking, you will walk through campus and cross Lawe Street, past the art building (it is trimmed in bright blue), then turn left to get to the Wellness Center, where the pool building is located. You may also park in the Chapel Parking lot across College Avenue. The Chapel parking lot is #25. Once you enter the building the pool is located on the bottom floor. You can either take the elevator or stairs to get to the pool area. You can enter the pool room via the locker rooms.
  • For Junior STR, it is $28.62 per class
  • For STR, it is $34.56 per class

Lawrence’s facilities allow us access to a 25-yard pool, flags to signify location in the pool for turns, starting blocks, a 16ft diving well with high and low diving boards, and a minimum depth of 4ft allowing for turns at each end of the lane. These tools help us to teach backstroke counts and turns, standing and start block dives, and better simulate swim team conditions. This location allows us to push the endurance further, along with the upper-level skills we are implementing for the best performance and success.

At Wisconsin Swim Academy, our goal is to teach as many students as possible the lifesaving skills of swimming. So when students pass their skills test for our highest-level Shark that means they have completed the Learn To Swim program, which focuses on safety in the water, and since they have learned all the skills we teach for that program it is time for them to move on, so there is space for the swimmer who is still on that journey. The Swim Team Readiness program is focused on taking the foundational skills students learned and building upon them further to begin focusing on speed and efficiency in the water.

Parent/Child Questions

Parent/Child classes are for children 6 months of age through 2 years of age.

At Wisconsin Swim Academy, we keep our pool at a comfortable 88 degrees year-round.

The best things happen in the Parent/Child Classes! You will enjoy watching your little one adapt to the water for the first time while still in your protective arms! We will explore breath control, balance, and buoyancy! We will teach rolling over to their back, safely climbing out of the pool to safety, and building relationships! We love to sing songs and even have some great educational information for our moms and dads!

We require that all our babies wear a Happy Nappy. This is a heavy-duty reusable diaper that you can purchase right in our very own Bubble Boutique! This is security in knowing you have the best protection from your child having an accident in the pool and requiring the pool to be shut down.

We recommend children starting group lessons between the ages of 18 months and 2 years.

You get some amazing bonding opportunities with your baby and lots of great education about the statistics of swim lessons at a young age! Swimming is a life lesson and drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4. The sooner your child gets water adjusted and learns to swim, the safer they will be.

It is almost second nature for babies to hold their breath. After 6 months of age, this becomes a learned skill, but one they catch onto quickly. The older they get the more difficult this becomes. These are the beginning lessons of education for babies as well as parents. Learning about the 5 layers of protection to keep your children safe in and around water!

Our prices can change from year to year and we want to be sure you get all the right information. Call us at (920) 427-8286 and we can let you know!

There is a maximum of 6 babies in each class, with one parent or caregiver per child.