Here is a list of our current policies and procedures, if you have any questions, please contact us.

AmericInn Policies

The AmericInn is under new management!

  • The manager’s name is Jennifer Downing and she is amazing! We are working VERY hard along with her staff to change the poolroom into a much CLEANER, organized and family friendly environment.  In order to do this we need a little help from you!

First a few reminders:  Please refrain from drinking the coffee or the Lemon water in the lobby. With almost 300 students going through each week, at least 50 per day, this gets very costly. The coffee in the lobby is strictly for the hotel guests.

  • Please be sure to bring your own TOWELS.  Again, the amount of kids going through each week creates a LOT of laundry. YIKES!
  • The hotel has asked us to please use ONLY the bathrooms in the poolroom. The hotel has done AN AMAZING JOB of cleaning up the bathrooms, caulking the showers, and making it a much cleaner area. With that being said, we need to make sure we are being respectful and helping to keep it that way. Please escort your kiddos to the bathrooms to be sure they are not leaving anything behind.
  • Please refrain from having ANY food or snacks in the poolroom. This is a health code violation. This will really help keep the deck clean and free of any critters as well as keeping your kiddos feet cleaner.

New changes:

  • OPEN SWIM! The hotel has CHANGED their open swim times and policies. OPEN SWIM WILL ONLY be allowed during designated times. I have attached the open swim schedule and pricing for the hotel. This does include us. We will no longer be able to have students or siblings, swim before, during or after lessons. You may come back during the open swim times posted.
  • The hotel has assured us that they will NOT schedule birthday parties during our swim lesson times!! Yeah!! If you are an evening swimming, you know what an awesome benefit this is to our students!
  • NEW HOT TUB RULES: Due to many issues in the hot tub and the nature of the water balance and health of the patrons, the hotel is not allowing ANYONE under the AGE OF 16 into the hot tub. This is the recommended age according to the Appleton Health dept.


Make Up Lesson Policies

  • MAKE UP LESSONS: Your child receives one make up lesson per session. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE ABSENT: Please call 920-427-8286, or email us atswim@wiswimacademy.m as soon as you know you will be absent. This way we are able to schedule someone else who needs a make-up IN YOUR SPOT. If you have multiple children this is EXTREMLY helpful for us. This also makes it easier for us to schedule YOUR make up lesson. If you have more than 2 NO SHOWS without a phone call or email in one semester then you will forfeit your make up for the session and will be not be credited for the one class missed at the end of the semester.


Payment Plan Options

  • Payment for the session is due in full EITHER BEFORE OR AT THE FIRST WEEK OF LESSONS UNLESS you have emailed something in writing to us at to set up a payment plan. This email is read by ONLY my office manager or myself .
  • We will no longer be accepting payment in full at the end of the semester. IF you do NOT have a payment plan set up and payment in full is NOT received by the end of the first week we will be assessing a $25.00 late fee to your account. No other swim club provides as flexible of a payment plan as we do. We still have to pay our amazing staff and rent for the pool space. It makes for very tricky accounting if we still have ½ our income for the semester coming in the last week or later. IF YOU NEED assistance we are MORE then happy to do whatever we can do to help but you MUST communicate with us via email at We are now taking MC/VISA (there is a $2.00 extra charge for this) so you can pay that way if desired. I have attached the payment plan options.



We try to accommodate our clients whenever it is needed with flexible payment options. We now have 3 options for payment: We accept cash or checks made payable to Wisconsin Swim Academy AND we accept MC/VISA. (There is a $2.00 processing fee for this option).

These payments can be:

  • Paid in full the first week of lessons.
  • Paid in two installments: ½ the first week ½ at mid semester.
  • Paid weekly with the balance paid in full BEFORE THE LAST WEEK of the semester.


If you are choosing a payment option other than the full payment option you MUST email me at and let me know what option you are choosing. IF I DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL AND NO PAYMENT BY THE END OF THE FIRST WEEK I WILL ASSESS A $25.00 LATE FEE TO YOUR ACCOUNT. I still need to pay my amazing staff and pool rent, if I am only receiving ½ of my payments this can make for some very tricky accounting.

Payment will be accepted:

  • At the pool: Place your payment in the envelope provided. Please write your child’s first and last name on the envelope and place it in the PURPLE folder that is located on the table.
  • You can pay with bill pay: This is a free option through your bank
    • Wisconsin Swim Academy
      8 Sioux Ct
      Appleton Wi 54911
  • Mail: You can mail the check to me at the address above. If you want me to send you a receipt I will be happy to do this.


Multiple Child Discount Rate

  • First child-full price
  • 2nd child : $5.00 discount per session
  • 3rd child; $15.00 discount per session
  • 4th child; $25.00 discount per session
  • Swim team Readiness class is excluded from the multiple child discount rate


Referral discount

  • When you refer someone to Wisconsin Swim Academy please have them let us know! We will reward you with a 10% discount on your next session of lessons! Call me with any questions.
  • If you have received a confirmation with different information in regards to the multiple child discount please disregard it. The correct discounts are above.


Returned Check Fee

There will be a $35.00 check fee for all returned checks. This is the fee my bank charges me for returned deposits.


Cancelling Out of the Season

If you choose to cancel the swim session this MUST be done BEFORE the session begins or you will be charged for the entire session. It is very hard to fill a spot after the session begins. This can be done with a phone call or and email. We send a reminder email out 2-3 weeks prior to the swim semester please let us know as soon as possible so we can give someone else your spot.

  • Make up lessons; I will allow one make up lesson per semester per child. If I can’t fit the make up into the schedule I will give you a credit toward a future swim lesson in the next semester. I WILL charge for all other lessons that are missed. I will not make up” missed “make up lessons.
  • If you are going to be absent, you MUST call (920)427-8286 or email me at as soon as possible. If you miss class more than 2 times without calling or emailing you will forfeit your make up lesson for the semester and you will NOT receive a credit at the end of the semester. We use these times to fit other kids in when you are gone. This can be costly when we have families with multiple children. We feel this is great value to our clients but only if we communicate.
  • We do not do make up lessons for kids that are in a semi-private class but do NOT have a swim partner. They are already getting a private lesson at a semi private rate and extra swim time in every class.